Welcome to Norwegian Lapphund Club’s breed special with «BIG» CAC!

The CAC at this show is the same as CAC’s received at Norwegian Kennel Club’s shows and is needed for the dogs to become N UCH

Krokelvdalen, Tromsø – Friday, May 24th 2019

Judge: Saara Sampakoski, Finland.

Judgement in the ring start at 9am.

Adress: Tromsøysundvegen 326, 9022 Krokelvdalen.

GPS coordinates: 69°40’53.40667″N 19°3’40.56096″E or 69.6815019, 19.0612669.

Service: There will be a kiosk with simple hot food and beverage.

Tromsø Dog Club arrange an exhibition with a “small” CAC on Saturday and Norwegian Kennel Club arrange an international exhibition for Lapphunds on Sunday.

After the exhibition there will be registration of working lapphunds with Norwegian owners.

We have prizes for BIS and BOS:

Puppies (both 4-6 months and 6-9 months)

Juniors, adults and veterans

Breeder groups and progeny groups!

Manual entry closes May 3rd 2019 and postponed electronic entry closes May 10th 2019.

Entry fee for all adult dogs: 350 NOK

Puppies: 250 NOK.

Half entry fee from third dog with the same owner (it has to be either three adult dogs or three puppies).

Addition for manual entry: 65 NOK.

Addition for entry after May 3rd: 100 NOK.

Form for manual entry can be found here.

Manual entries to be sent to utstilling@norsklapphundklubb.no. After sending manual entry form on email you will receive the information for payment in return.

Welcome to a nice day in Krokelvdalen.

-NLC’s show committee